5 Canon camera’s coming in 2023 (NEW)


Canon plans to launch new cameras in 2023. From the ultra-high resolution EOS R5 S to the new entry model EOS R50. These are the new Canon Camera’s for 2023, from entry-level cameras to professional cameras. After reading this article you will find out what Canon will bring to market in 2023!

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Canon EOS R5 Mark II is a new Canon camera released in the second quarter of 2023. There are many key changes from the original EOS R5 released in 2020.
For example, the Canon EOS R5 Mark 2 will have a 61-megapixel sensor, a size we haven’t seen in any other Canon body. You can also record 8K video at 60fps. The new cooling system should keep you shooting longer than the EOS R5 without overheating. For example, you can shoot up to 60 minutes of 4K video at a time. The
Canon Camera’s EOS R5 Mark II has a release date of Q2 2023.
• New 61 megapixel CMOS BSI sensor
• Dual DIGIC X processor
• 30fps electronic burst mode, 12fps mechanical burst mode
• Single 8-stop image stabilization
• Dual Pixel ROS6 EAF II)
• Internal 8K 60p (RAW still unconfirmed)
• 4K 30p / 60p / 120p video (all oversampled)
• FHD 240fps recording
• Focused breath correction
• 4 4K video 60 minutes CF type B Slot
• HDMI Port
• Dual USB-C Ports
• 9.4 megapixel Viewfinder
• Full-Motion LCD Screen

Canon’s Best Picture EOS R5 MARK II

• Super High Definition CSF 6 Sensor
• Detail : Wide Dynamic Range
• Ultra high definition video: 8K video 60fps
• Slow motion: 4K video at 60 or 120fps
• Compact: Lightweight design
• Lightning-fast burst: up to 30fps with high autofocus shooting
• Internal stabilization: up to 8 image stabilization stops
• 3.2″ high articulation touch screen
• Various lenses: from Canon RF and EF lenses (With Converter)
• Photo transfer using WiFI 4 4 • Dual storage slots
• Focusing to -7.5 EV in dark environment



Get to know very little about the Canon EOS R7C’s new camera. There are some assumptions that we will analyze.
Canon’s R7 C will be the successor to the current APS-C R7. The biggest difference between the EOS R7 C and the EOS R5 C is the scale and body size. R5 C will have a full-frame sensor, while the R7 C will have an APS-C sensor. Canon’s EOS R7 C is said to have a mini XLR audio jack for superior sound quality.
Canon Camera’s EOS R7C release date will be Q3 / Q4 2023.
• 32.5 MP APS-C sensor
• 7k 60p video in Cinema RAW Light
• 4k oversampled 60p video
• 120 fps FHD video
• Mini XLR audio input
• DIGICX processor 4 C4


• Compact Super high resolution sensor: 32.5 MP APS-C sensor
• Powerful: DIGIC X processor
• Artificial intelligence: focus on cars, airplanes and other objects
• Video recording: 4K 60fps (not cropping) and Full HD 120fps
• Ultra sharp video: Cinema RAW Light 7K 60p at
• Compact: lightweight
• Lightning-fast burst: up to 30fps with full autofocus
• Internal Stabilization: Up to 8 stops image stabilization
• 3″ fully articulated4 touchscreen • Lenses: Canon RF(- S) option and EF(-S) lenses (with converter)
• Image transfer using WiFI
• Dual memory slots
• Focus to -5 EV in dark environment

3) Canon EOS R50


Canon’s best selling The Canon M50’s successor II will be the Canon EOS R50. A compact model with a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor captures sharp details. The EOS R50 will be the budget EOS R10 cameras, so we see most of the R10 features in the EOS R50.
Canon Camera’s EOS R50 release date will be Q1 / Q2 2023.
• 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor (same as EOS R10)
• 4K 24 or 30 fps (max. 8 bit)
• FHD 120 fps
• No HDRPQ mode (R4 + 10 burst) Unlike 4) Type
• 3″ excellent touchscreen
• Lightweight design like the M50 II

Canon’s best EOS R50

• Ultra high resolution sensor: 24 MP APS-C sensor
• Detail: WDR Range
• Ultra high definition video : 4K video at 30fps
• Slow motion: FHD video at 120fps
• Compact: Lightweight design
• Lightning fast burst: Shoot up to 10+ fps with Full auto Focus Function
• 3″ Full Motion Touchscreen
• Wide Lens Range: Selected Canon RF(-S) and EF(-S) Lenses w/ Converter
• Image transfer using WiFi
• Focusing in the dark



Canon EOS R8 successor to EOS R/RP Both cameras were on the market 4/5 years ago.
That’s why it’s time for Canon Camera’s to launch a new entry model for its full-frame camera, the EOS R. The EOS R8 is said to include image stabilization, a new 30.3 MP full-frame sensor. It allows you to record 4K 60p (cropped) or 4K 30p (uncropped) video. It will also use the new AI autofocus system we saw on the EOS R3 and R6 II.
If all goes as planned, the camera should be announced in summer 2023.

• 30-33MP full-frame sensor
• DIGICX processor
• Up to 8 stops of image stabilization
• 4K 60p (cropped)
• 4K 30p (4 uncropped videos) 4 slots 4 cards

Canon EOS R8 / Best Features of R9

• Ultra High Definition Sensor: 33 MP Full Frame CMOS Sensor
• Ultra High Definition Video: 6K Video
at 30fps • Slow Motion: 60 or FHD 4K Video 1444fps • Compact 4 : Lightweight design
• Lightning-fast burst shooting: Shoot at up to 30fps with full auto focus
• Internal stabilization: Up to 8 stops image stabilization
• 3″ full-arc touchscreen
• B wide lens range: Canon RF and EF lenses (with converter) )
• Photo transfer using WiFI
• dual memory slots



Canon is rumored to launch the new R5 camera in 2023. One is 100 MP Canon will need to develop a new sensor for this because we have not seen any other Canon Camera’s with these features.
The R5S competes with Fujifilm, which already has a 100MP camera. So, GFX 100s. Canon also outperforms the Sony A7R V with a 61-megapixel camera. As for other cameras in this segment, these are the specs we’ll see.
• 100 MP Full Frame CMOS Sensor
• Dual DIGIC X Processor
• 8K Video Mode
• 4K 120p Video Mode
• Dual Pixel CMOS AF II (EOS R3 and R6 II)

Pro Compact Design

• Ultra High Definition Sensor : 100 MP Full Frame CMOS Sensor
• Ultra High Definition Video: 8K Video at 30fps

• Slow Motion: 4K Video
at 60 or 120fps

• Fast Focus: Dual Pixel CMOS Af II deep learning

• Compact: Lightweight design
• Internal Stabilization: Up to 8 levels of Image Stabilization
• 2.3″ Fully Articulating Touchscreen
• Wide Lens Range: Choose Canon RF and EF Lenses with Converter
• Transfer images using WiFI
• Dual Storage Slots

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