Best Selling Mobile Brands in the World

Best Selling Mobile Brands in the World

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Best Selling Mobile Brands in the World

Apple is one of the best-selling mobile brands in the world. It sells 321.3 million units every year and makes over 211.2 billion dollars in revenue. Apple is a US multinational technology company that was founded on April 1st, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.

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Among the top 10 mobile brands, Xiaomi is gaining ground by lowering its prices. Compared to Apple and Samsung, the average selling price of Xiaomi smartphones is much lower, which makes them a more affordable option for many consumers. The brand is also enjoying significant growth in Western Europe and Latin America, where it has seen sales spike by as much as 300 percent. It has also avoided blacklisting from the United States, which is another factor that could make the brand successful internationally.

Xiaomi’s recent rise to prominence has been unexpected, despite it being a relatively new brand. Its surge may not continue indefinitely. With more established brands in the smartphone market, it might be hard for Xiaomi to sustain its strong performance. Still, if it can maintain its momentum, it could become a major player in the smartphone market.

Xiaomi’s success in overseas markets has been a key reason for its meteoric rise. The company has been experiencing steady growth in the overseas market since early 2020, with Xiaomi’s revenue growing by 50.6% year-over-year in the first quarter of this year. Xiaomi has also reported growth in shipments of smartphones in the Middle East and Africa regions.


Samsung is one of the biggest names in the world of smartphones and has quickly emerged as the best-selling mobile brand in the world. Founded in 1938, the South Korean company has built a reputation for offering a wide variety of high-quality smartphones with top-notch facilities. The brand also makes affordable and user-friendly phones that are great for everyday use.

The company’s success is based in large part on its ability to market its products well. The iPhone has a high price tag, and many people are willing to pay for it – and the ecosystem that Apple has built around it. But Samsung also makes affordable smartphones with high-quality features, a solid nameplate, and a competitive price.

While Apple and Huawei continue to dominate the smartphone market, Samsung is poised to take over the top spot in 2022. The Korean company is predicted to send 276 million smartphones in 2022 – a growth of more than one percent over last year’s figure.


Apple is one of the most famous brands in the world. Its high-end iPhones have earned the company a loyal customer base. The iPhone has a classy design and is available in a variety of colors and sizes. Best Selling Mobile Brands. The brand also incorporates rapidly evolving design approaches and technology into its products. While many competitors try to copy Apple’s features and lower prices, Apple continues to enjoy a lead in the mobile phone market.

According to the latest figures, Apple is the best-selling smartphone brand in China and around the world. The company is set to announce earnings on Thursday. The company’s market share in China reached a record 23% last quarter, up from a year ago. Although the company’s total smartphone sales in China decreased 9% year-on-year, Apple overtook Samsung and Vivo, which both lost market share. During the holiday season, Apple beat out Samsung and gained a strong lead over its competitors.

According to the latest statistics, Apple is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. The iPhone sold 57 million units in the first quarter of 2021, and 44.6 million units in the second quarter. Apple’s sales tend to be cyclical, peaking in the fourth quarter of every year. However, the company is still ahead of rivals such as Samsung and Xiaomi.


OnePlus is a Chinese technology company that produces mostly smartphones. The company was founded by Pete Lau and Carl Pei, who both left their previous jobs at Oppo, a subsidiary of BBK Electronics. OnePlus’s early days were filled with PR disasters. The company relied heavily on word-of-mouth promotion, but this strategy backfired.

Unlike Apple, OnePlus releases fewer models per year, which allows them to focus more on their devices. Although the company’s lineup is smaller than that of its main competitors, OnePlus is gaining ground on the market. They now sell smartphones at T-Mobile stores and are priced much lower than the competition.

OnePlus has three series, each focused on different markets. The first is the flagship series, with a few models, while the second is a lower-end device. Each spring, the company launches a new flagship series, which is led by the OnePlus 10 Pro.


OPPO is a Chinese consumer electronics company that has a burgeoning following in the world of smartphones. Its sales soared by 137% in the second quarter of 2016 and it is now the world’s fourth-best-selling mobile brand, with 22.6 million units shipped. Its phones are affordable, yet boast a high level of performance. As a result, OPPO is expected to continue to put pressure on more expensive phone makers.

The Chinese brand’s growth rate has been relatively stable in recent years, but it’s still below that of its main rival, Xiaomi. In fact, Oppo’s growth rate in 2019-2020 is only -5.8%, far behind Xiaomi’s nearly seven-fold increase. Another Chinese brand, ZTE, has been in the market for longer, but it’s not as well-known as Xiaomi. Founded in 1985, ZTE is a publicly traded company owned by the Chinese government. Best Selling Mobile Brands. It employs over 68,000 people and is one of the biggest phone makers in its home country.

Asus, a Taiwanese multinational electronics company, was founded by Ted Hsu in 1981 and sells more than smartphones. The ROG Phone 5, with an MSRP of $1,119, ranks tenth in the world’s best-selling smartphone brand list. Another Chinese brand is Realme, which was spun off from Oppo. Realme was founded by Sky Li, a former vice president of Oppo. Today, it’s part of BBK Electronics.


Asus is one of the world’s best-selling mobile phone brands, and the reason is simple: it’s innovative. It hasn’t been afraid to try new things, and its first phone, the Padfone, became a huge hit, spawning multiple sequels. After that, the company’s lineup was bogged down with several Zenfone models. The most interesting one was the Zenfone 6, followed by the ROG Phone 2.

As a relatively small brand, Asus has been able to explore niches and come up with interesting devices. However, the brand doesn’t have the international reach and pull of primary brands and can’t launch millions of devices at once. But it does have the resources to develop innovative products that stand out in the market.

As of January 2022, Asus had a 3.58 percent share of the Taiwanese smartphone market. Its share dropped significantly towards the end of last year, but it recovered and is expected to reach 5.54 percent by August 2020.


Lenovo is a huge name in the PC industry and also has a large presence in the mobile industry, having purchased Motorola for $2.9 billion last year. Since then, the company’s smartphone business has been struggling to make a profit. However, it has been able to control expenses and focus on selected markets to make its products competitive. Last year, it sold over 50 million smartphones worldwide, making it one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers.

In order to make its mobile phones more competitive, Lenovo is focusing on mature markets, and China remains the toughest challenge. It has fallen out of the top 10 smartphone vendors in China. The company has launched three different phone brands in China, including the premium Moto brand and the cheaper Lenovo series. It also has a new online-focused brand, ZUK, launched in 2015.

Lenovo is a strong competitor to Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market. However, it faces stiff competition from the likes of Xiaomi in China. Xiaomi is expected to sell 60 million smartphones in Asia this year, which is a huge threat to Lenovo’s smartphone business. The company is attempting to leverage Xiaomi’s growth in the Asian market to expand its global presence.


When it comes to mobile phones, Motorola is one of the most popular brands. Its products range from affordable budget phones to high-end models. The company’s goal is to make phones that satisfy the demands of the majority of users. It is committed to keeping prices low and software updates fast.

Motorola phones boast high-quality displays, large batteries (up to 5,000mAh), and a large number of features. Their large screen has a 90Hz refresh rate, making them easy on the eyes. Another feature of these phones is the side-mounted fingerprint scanner. You can find a wide range of smartphones and tablets from Motorola.

The company has had a rough time since Apple’s iPhone hit the market, though. In 2011. Best Selling Mobile Brands it split into two divisions, with one part being sold to Google. Three years later, it changed hands again.


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