Customs Officers Found Helping Smuggle Expensive iPhones

Customs Officers Found Helping Smuggle Expensive iPhones

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Customs Officers Found Helping Smuggle Expensive iPhones: Two employees of the Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) and Customs stationed at the Islamabad International Airport are the subject of an inquiry into allegations that they assisted smartphone smugglers.

119 iPhones and associated accessories were recently seized from two passengers arriving on a Pakistan International Airlines flight (PK-182) from Sharjah by customs officials at the Islamabad airport. After that, the passengers were taken into custody.

Imran Tahir, a resident of Mandi Bahawaldin, and Fayyaz Siddique, a resident of Lahore, were detained by customs officers at the arrival lounge along with 199 iPhones worth more than Rs. 20 million.

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Customs Officers Found Helping Smuggle Expensive iPhones

Once the two passengers were detained because of their suspicious behavior, Customs Inspector Faraz Hussain, stationed at Islamabad Airport, filed a case with the Customs Investigation and Prosecution Cell. 104 pricey cell phones were discovered in Fayaz’s hands during the luggage search, compared to 95 in Imran Tahir’s.

Fayaz confessed to giving a shopping bag marked “Duty-Free Store Dubai” to an unidentified person during the initial investigation. According to Surveillance footage, the guy was recognized as Zulfiqar, an ANF official.

According to reports, Zulfiqar could not be detained because 20 to 25 ANF employees working at the airport objected when an effort was made to arrest him.

The two suspect police have been called in for questioning, and additional details should emerge shortly.

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